Our Company

Veneta Italiana Pelle S.r.l. has been working with creativity, innovation and passion in leather production since 2009 
All leathers we produce are carefully checked and analysed in order to meet all the rules laid down in the environmental regulations of the leather industry.
For this reason Veneta Italiana Pelle S.r.l. has always based its company work on this ethical theme, giving top priority to safety and health of the workplaces.
Pollution is a problem that we must face with accuracy. In this regard we pretend that our production partners are ready to comply with the specific parameters, above all those of discharge.
In the creation and production of leather our team is constantly committed to find and use eco-sustainable recipes in order to offer customers an eco-friendly leather.
Most of leathers are worked in Arzignano, the worldwide beating heart of the leather industry.
Here there is one of the best and state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, efficient at international level.
With our staff we offer the best service every day, from raw hides to finished leathers.
Thanks to a great dynamism and perseverance in the research and development, we can offer a very wide range of items suitable for all industries: shoes, leather goods, furniture, upholstery with high attention to the technical details and specific needs that some customers can ask. 
Working in team with our customers is for us the best way to compare us with the best results we want to achieve and to always aim to the highest levels.

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Our Products

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